Dear visitor :

As you will see, once you click on the video
bellow,  it will display following message :

This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by MindStrat Puzzles.

We didn't use any material in this video belonging to MindStrat Puzzles.

Mr. Houlis from MindStrat Puzzles is convinced that our inzane cones puzzle
featured in this video is infringing his "patent" covering the Cubedron puzzle.
That view of his of course doesn't give him the right to claim that we used his
material in our video. He simply e-mailed YouTube and wrote that this video is
containing his copyrighted material and the video was deleted without giving us
a chance to respond.

Mr. Houlis didn't send a note of apology to this day nor a statement saying
that he will withdraw his claim and ask YouTube to restore our video.

Need we say more about Mr. Houlis's character ?

Perhaps just that he broke US law by filing a false
and bad-faith notice and we will pursue justice.


The video bellow is the same as the deleted video.
It is only using original material recorded by inzane thingz.




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