Our puzzles are made of cast epoxy resin, guarranteed by the manufacturer to be
non toxic .  Some parts - where possible  -  are having recycled styrofoam core .

Due to fabricating process, some castings may have cosmetic imperfections such as
little bubbles and scratches. Every effort is made to eliminate these imperfections.
They do not affect function of the puzzles and will not be considered as a reason for

Cast epoxy resin is, compared to widely used plastics in toy industry such as ABS, somewhat
more brittle and therefore more prone to breakage when dropped on the floor ( especially
tile floor ).  Typically, broken epoxy casting has sharp edges which may cause minor cuts.
For this reason we strongly suggest that children younger than 4 years should not play with
any of our puzzles without the supervision of an adult.

Any purchaser please bear in mind that the puzzles sold by us are for adult collectors and puzzle
enthusiasts only and any customer allowing children to handle our puzzles assumes responsibility
for any potential injury caused by broken part.

Thank you for respecting and following  these guidelines.


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