Nuremberg  Toy  Fair  2010  was a great success.  We managed to
establish working relationships with three major toy / puzzle companies.

Bellow, pictures from Spiele Cafe where annual gathering took place.

Bernhard Schweitzer greeting all participants.

Jolly good show ! George demonstrating inzane cube.

George demonstrating inzane cube. Ecstatic audience looks on.

George handing over inzane cube for thorough scrutiny. Bernhard Schweitzer is amazed by the new concept.

George demonstrating how to solve inzane cube.


George pulling another puzzle from the box. Bernhard Schweitzer
holding inzane cube with cones and doesn't want to let go.

George demonstrating 3 inzane cubes.

George demonstrating inzane cones.

George demonstrating inzane dode.

Lovely Irina from Russia taking puzzle from Vladimir and getting ready for show time.

Representative from Recent Toys demonstrating their new puzzle IcoSoKu.

George discussing sales potential of inzane dode with Tanya from Thinkfun and Tadayuki from Hanayama.

George chatting with Tanya from Thinkfun and Tadayuki from Hanayama.

Tanya from Thinkfun and Tadayuki from Hanayama trying to solve inzane dode puzzle.

Tanya from Thinkfun saying that she will solve the inzane dode first and claim the $ 1,000 prize.

George and Takeshi from Hanayama being introduced to each other by Wil Strijbos.
Tanya scratching her head trying to figure inzane dode.

Takeshi from Hanayama amazed by the new concept.Tanya from Thinkfun still struggling with the inzane dode.

George explaining to Tanya how to solve inzane cones.

George is discussing what inzane thingz have in common with insane inventions like this " bike ".
The findings are very surprising and they are our trade secrets.

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